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The Ball Magic Story 

In 2008 I was sweating through another hot summer as a firefighter. Often, we go long periods of time without being able to shower because of call volume, training, tours, inspections and a whole list of other tasks. On the flip-side, there were days when we would shower multiple times because of workouts, fires, and field training. 

All of this hard treatment on my skin began to cause the inside of my ears to itch. I mentioned it to my Captain and he said “I’m sure you just have dry ear canal” I scoffed thinking it had to be something more serious, —I told him that I was going to go see an ENT to get a professional opinion. 

The ENT took one look in my ear and said “you’re fine, it’s just dry ear canal."  We both laughed as I told him that is what my Captain had said. 

I had graduated from Dr. Christopher’s School of Natural Healing, and had an experienced background in natural remedies. My mind immediately went wild as I started to formulate my inner-ear solution. After much trial and error I formulated something that worked better than I could have imagined. A combination of an anti-itch/anti-bacterial skin conditioner which accelerated healing. In fact, it worked SO well that my captain bought a few bottles from me! 

Time went by and I started using this stuff virtually everywhere. Furthermore, any active man knows our boys can get a little “unsavory”. “—And low and behold Ball Magic was born. Not only did it work for me, but friends started buying it left and right.

It was both comfortable and invigorating! For the next several years I produced Ball Magic for my friends and family. It wasn’t until I met my future business partners Kent and Carl that I realized the true potential of this unbelievable product. Who knows where this will go, —but one thing is for sure, we’re looking forward to providing an amazing product to those who want a little magic down below!



Mike Garrick

Ball Magic Founder


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